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"Stuck in Neutral? Try What I Did 11 Years Ago..."

My first course for my online business was through getting a free report from Jim Daniels - JDD Publishing. After reading the Special Report which you can see on your right,I know I have to get into this Work At Home Plan to help me start my online business.I am glad I did, coz the amount of information from this course has helped me tremendously to have a good foundation.

Whatever things we may like to do, be it online business or offline business, we need to have a sound foundation before we even think of any other thing.

Imagine this. One day, you decided to build a house from ground zero. In your mind, you can actually see a beautiful house with lots of beautiful rooms and nice furnitures. So the next thing you did was, in your excitement to have this beautiful house,you rush out to look for nice household products, furnitures and decorative stuffs. You bought so many now you don't know where to put them. You forgot you have not even started to build the house you wanted. So what happen? You got a big problem now. Imagine the mess you have to go through? Finding a place to contain your stuffs.

Just imagine the whole triangle is now upside down..meaning having the pointed side facing down. That means to say, you have placed the Planning and Building Foundation on top and the furnishing of the house at the bottom. The Triangle will topple quickly if you know what I am talking about.

The right way to do is to turn the triangle around, and having the broad base to be the Planning and Building Foundation first, then comes all the rest, like furnishing and decoration.

I think this is a better plan and more sound in any way. Don't you agree?

So I have here Jim Daniel, my first mentor, who has given me the foundation to start my online business
to also teach you to do the same. Read what he has to say.

* Article by Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing,

As most of my subscribers realize, I teach folks how to start and grow a business on the Internet. Specifically, I show them how to identify a niche, build a site, get visitors and subscribers, and make sales -- all the tasks necessary to earn a steadily increasing income online.

But there is a step I rarely discuss -- a single step everyone must take before they can earn serious profits from any business. I like to call it shifting into First Gear. And today I'm going to show you exactly what this means, and why you must take this step.

We all know that every successful Internet venture requires a product or service, a website, an email marketing campaign and more. But before all those important steps can be put into place, something has to happen INSIDE OF YOU first.

In some people it just happens. You transform from a person who is programmed to work hard, in most cases as an employee -- into a person who works smart -- inspired to be creative, and self-employed.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is First Gear. Once you've achieved it, you're on your way.

Stay with me for a moment, this is very important...

Unfortunately, most folks never get out of neutral. In fact, some people are more than happy to stay there indefinitely. That's because neutral can be comfortable. After all, there are very few risks or changes when you're not moving forward.

Here's what "Neutral" feels like...

1. Getting up early every morning in most cases, with the aid of an alarm clock.

2. Going through your morning routine, striving to get to work on time.

3. Stopping for a cup of coffee on the way to work and thinking about, or in many cases, dreading your upcoming day.

4. Doing what you're told or what's expected of you for eight or so hours until the clock hits quitting time.

5. Going home and settling in for some TV time before you go to sleep, so you can wake up and do it all over again.

Sounds a bit mundane, perhaps even boring, eh?

Believe me, it can be if you let it. I know, because I was stuck in neutral until the ripe old age of 32. Neutral was all I knew. That is, until I answered a classified ad from a magazine and was introduced to the world of self-employment. Although that particular ad did not turn out to be my answer, my action was. Yes, that day something woke up in me and I shifted into first gear.

Here's what "first gear" felt like to me...

1. Getting up early every morning and writing down an idea or two about how to become self-employed.

2. Recording my new ideas on my audio cassette recorder on the way to work.

3. Putting in maximum effort at my job until the clock hit quitting time, just to test my ambition and drive.

4. Recording more ideas and chapter headings for my first how-to book all the way home.

5. Trading my nightly TV time for 3-4 hours on the computer researching niches, entering my ideas and creating my projects.

Now, wouldn't you agree that's not too different than neutral? I mean, I did not quit my job (at least not until my new income source surpassed that of my 9-5) and I still had lots of time to do what I wanted. I simply motivated my brain to be more creative and use my time more wisely.

A better way to look at it like this...

I took a step in the right direction. I had no idea it would lead me to an income of more than $400,000 a year and hours shorter than a banker.

Actually, today I like to think of my current gear as "still upshifting", but now I'm in 3rd or 4th gear. I get up without the help of an alarm clock. I head to the golf course or lounge out in the pool with the kids. Finally, when I feel like it, I work a few hours on the computer. It may be in the afternoon or at night, but the main thing is this... I fit work in around living, not the other way around.

It's a lifestyle I never dreamed I'd achieve when I was stuck in neutral. But it happened because IN ONE MOMENT I made the conscious decision to shift out of neutral into first gear.

And that folks, is the step that most people never take.

So today I want you to answer just one question... are you stuck in neutral?

If you think the answer might be yes, I have a resource that can help you get into first gear quickly and painlessly. After all, sometimes all you need is a little nudge.

It's called "The New Age Work At Home Plan: Internet Based Financial Independence in 10 Simple Steps" and it is 100% free to you today. So before you spend ANY money trying to make money online, grab a Free Copy. Important: To bypass the $97 order form, just use the Gold Key at the site. It will bring you right to the download area.

OK, let's wrap today's lesson up...

There are lots of gurus on and off the web. Just remember this... no matter who you choose to listen to, the main thing is that you take that first step in the right direction -- first gear. That's the key to success - taking the first step and getting started. Why not do it today.

I wish you lots of success and see a relaxing, rewarding lifestyle in your future.

To your online marketing success,
Jim Daniels - JDD Publishing
Creator of
- the world's first View it and Do It software for profiting from the web.

Friday, July 20, 2007

What You Must Know About Google's Terms Of Service

When you install a piece of software, you usually get an End User License Agreement that you're supposed to read carefully. You're then supposed to click a button to show that you've read it all through, understand it and agree with every word. If anyone but the lawyers who write these things has ever read them I'll eat my hat. Most people just click and move on.

The Google Terms of Service are different.

Before you put Google's AdSense code on your website, you must read the Terms of Service carefully. I'm not just saying that to protect myself legally; I'm saying that to protect your income.

Google's terms are strict but sensible. They stop people from talking users who have no intention of buying from an advertiser into clicking on an ad. They protect advertisers from having their sites promoted in places with objectionable content. And they stop publishers from playing around with the code.

That last point is important. One of the biggest reasons that people get banned from Google is that they play around with the code to improve the way their ads look. They get a bit too smart and think they can do a better job than Google. That's a terrible mistake.

If you break the Terms of Service - even accidentally - you could find yourself banned for life. That's the loss of all your AdSense revenues because of one silly mistake.

The fact is, there are lots of perfectly legitimate strategies that you can use to change the way your ads look. Google itself provides a whole box of tools that you can use - and you should use them. It's precisely how you use those tools that will determine whether or not your site brings in pennies or bucketloads of bucks. In fact, there are so many ways that you can change the way your ad looks that there's no need to touch the code at all.

That doesn't mean you can't use code at all though. One way to increase your click-throughs is to put the code inside a table so that the ads make a better impression on the page. Is that in line with Google's Terms of Service? You bet - provided you know how or do it right. And you can bet that it will have a great effect on your click-throughs and your revenues.

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Want To Prepare Your Retirement? Start An Online Home Based Business.

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Are you searching for Work At Home and Online Home Based Business ? You are not alone, there all more and more people searching for some work at home plans to prepare themselves for retirement. If you are searching for a Work At Home business, then pay attention. We are going to talk about a way you can do just that.

It is no wonder that more and more people want to work at home. Jobs no longer provide much in the way of security or even career satisfaction. The reason for this, many times comes down to one simple factor, loyalty. This is especially true in larger companies. The way businesses are bought and sold have left many people feeling unappreciated and insecure.

Pension plans have dried up. 401k is also not enough for you to rely on. Thousands of people do not have the money they are supposed to have. Your boss today may just be gone tomorrow. And on and on we can go. This has left many people looking for a way to work for themselves at home.

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Amazon is credited with starting one of the first affiliate programs on the internet.

As an affiliate for Amazon, you could make money selling books for them or anything you can think of,for example ipods, cameras, hand-phones and even grocery. The more products you sell the more money you make.

As Amazon became more successful, other companies quickly began to copy them. For several years now, anyone has been able to sell all kinds of different products and get paid to do it. Some companies will even give you a free Shopping Mall for you to advertise to sell their products online.

This is an excellent two ways arrangement. Companies get more sales without having to hire more employees to do it. The affiliates are rewarded for their efforts by earning a generous commission on their sales.

There is no ceiling on the amount of money affiliates earn, and there are people earning over a million dollars a year doing it, and I am not talking about those make quick money scam,or fly by night companies, I am referring to legitimate online businesses where we will be paid accordingly. According to how much work and time we are willing to put in, and by this I mean it is about serious business, not a leisure business.

The people who made the most money treat their online business and affiliate marketing business seriously, because this will be their bread and butter to make a living as an affiliate. They work hard to promote their business, just like a business person owning businesses offline. You are your own boss and you do not work under somebody but for yourself, so you have to be self-motivated and self-disciplined in order to be successful.If you can do that, working at home doing affiliate marketing will be an enjoyable and rewarding retirement plan for you.

To work at home with your own affiliate marketing business it is advisable to join a few affiliate programs just to play safe, just in case one goes down, you can continue with the others. You can Google search the words "affiliate programs" or "affiliate marketing," and you will begin to see the potential that is out there for you.

If you like a specific product such as Self help products or anything that you are interested in, you could search for them and the search will come up with more products with specific results to look into.

I have just given you a great way to work at home. No matter where you are in the world, you can do it, just as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can start anytime.

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